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Alberta Prairie Conservation Forum

Welcome to the Prairie Conservation Forum (PCF) Interactive Map Viewer! The PCF aims to foster policy change and land-use planning measures that promote connectivity while enabling and empowering partners to use information to support conservation and decision making within grassland landscapes. The PCF members identified that a centralized location for viewing geospatial data would allow users to better understand and visualize the aspects of our landscapes and land use that promote connectivity and those that may fragment it.


Habitat connectivity is essential to maintain native biodiversity and ecosystem function. The conservation and restoration of important corridors will help to maintain functional native prairie and parkland landscapes, and this tool can help work towards visualizing a more connected landscape. Connectivity means different things, at different scales, for different species. When thinking about connectivity, framing your questions and thoughts through the lens of the species or systems you are thinking about supports understanding at all levels of the landscape.


This tool will provide users an opportunity to explore map layers that can support planning and land management along with decision making within the prairies of Alberta. The layers you can visualize and overlay within this Map Viewer represent a starting point to work with data that relates to connectivity.

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